"The Butler Arms Hotel Waterville Kerry"

History of The Butler Arms Hotel Waterville Kerry

The Butler Arms hotel opened its doors in 1884 under the proprietorship of ...... It was purchased by Martin and Mary Huggard in 1916 and has continued in the Huggard family to the present day. Billy Huggard and his family ran the hotel from 1951 to 1972. It was then taken over by Peter and Mary Huggard from 1972 to 2014. It is currently under the directorship of Louise and Paula Huggard, daughters of Peter and Mary.

That’s one hundred years and four generations of Huggards.

The great vision, infectious enthusiasm and steely resolve to succeed, demonstrated by Martin & Mary Huggard all those years ago, still holds true to the present day. The latest generation of Huggards who run the Butler Arms hotel in Waterville and the Lake hotel in Killarney seamlessly put into practice all they have learned from their forebears down through the generations. Both hotels are thriving and are doing their bit to add another chapter to what is arguably one of the greatest hotel success stories in a long and colourful saga of Irish history.